Vision & Mission

The Charism of CIC

While the preparations for celebrating the Platinum Jubilee were going on, the Superior General made arrangements to find the Charism of the Congregation. For that purpose, two groups of Sisters were formed and under the guidance of Fr.James SJ in Kodaikanal and Palayamkottai, the evaluation meetings to find out the Charism were conducted. From that result according to the thoughts of the Founders, People’s view regarding the life of the Sisters and the Charism of the Congregation was found.

And in the Renewal Chapter in the year 1986 January, it was accepted and announced that the Charism of our Congregation is “Preaching the Good News to the poor in Simplicity and Love”

From the beginning, Rev.Fr.Augustine Pereira was the only one considered to be the Founder of the Congregation. But after the Charism was found it was also accepted by the members of the Congregation that Rev.Fr.Julious Larmey SJ, Rev.Fr.Augustine Pereira, and Rev. Fr.Eugine Nespoulous SJ were also considered the founders of the Congregation.

To root deeply the spirituality of the Sisters, the Charism retreat points were also prepared. And with retreat points the first time 5 days Charism retreats were given by eight CIC Sisters to all the members of the Congregation. Those who wanted to do one-month retreats and the Sisters who had completed 15 years in religious life, to have one-week seminars was approved.

In the year of 1986 May 7th and 8th, the Platinum Jubilee (75 years) was celebrated at St.Theresa’s Campus. For that celebration, the Bishops of Madurai, Palayamkottai, Tanjore, Tuticorin, Trichy, and Muzafurpur came. The 75 years of history was shown in the form of an exhibition. There were sharing and talks by the Sisters regarding the Charism of the Congregation. The whole history of the Congregation was displayed in a very good manner in the form of a Dance Drama by the name “ Neela Malargaline Payanam” (The journey of the Blue Flowers) prepared by Fr.V.M. Amalan.

“The History of the Congregation”, The History of the Founders of the Congregation, Jubilee edition, Cassettes prepared by the CIC Sisters were released on that day.


Walking in the Loving Footsteps of Mary Immaculate.


Preaching the Good news to the poor in simplicity and Love.