Mission in South Africa



With the invitation of the Bishop of the diocese of Kabwe Rt. Rev., Clement Mulenga on 2nd February 2022 the CIC Mission administration in Zambia inaugurated the new mission station at North Bank, Mukonchi Kapiri Mposhi District Central Province, in Zambia by unveiling the Banner “IMMACULATE WELLNESS SANCTUARY (IWS) – CIC ROOTS”. It was blessed by Rev.Fr SAX Sj the Director of Health of Kabwe diocese.

The Mission administration formed core group of three Sisters to do the development work. Under their guidance Mr. Donald a designer was given the responsibility to start the preliminary work. The first he made certain pathways access to travel along the whole land to guard it. By the help of the Vice-president Office of Zambia we received as donation of two tents that we made use of it for two guard houses. They are guarding the residential spot and also in the Saturdays and Sundays by tern going around the 3.5 K.M land to patrol it. Apart from that in the week days, another guard patrols the whole land in the day time.

Mr. Donald the volunteer built his residence, an earth house with attached room. It was not plastered and not yet fully completed during his stay. In the, mean time the community around our farm came and benefitted by us with piece work.
There are three CIC Sisters here in the project now with 4 Zambian teachers, and 13 piece workers. We are here to fulfill the fundamental needs of the community at our level best by planning to start Special School for differently challenged, Skill training, Clinic, Spiritual Centre, care for aged at our farm. Our first concentration is giving Education in this area. In Mukonchi catchment area, there is only one Secondary school. To get Education, the Primary school children have to travel 3 to 4 KM. There is no proper facility for the Education and health care around 15 KM. At present we started the non -formal school in the name of Immaculate Learning Academy CIC Roots for the kids around, even before starting a proper school, as the Community is pleading to us. 125 students from early education to grade 6th are coming from poor families and learning under the tree, sitting upon the Earth bag seats which were plastered with cement. We made grass roofing for these classes in the month of April 2023. We are open to give lessons to the 8th grade and above , as the drop-out students, young girls’ and boys’ human resource is wasted and diverted to unwanted activities.

Disasters turn to goodness

On 21st of October 2022 midday when we were in the Farm there was a terrible storm for a seconds and one of the guards ran and told that his tent was blown into pieces .We rushed to the spot and saw the pathetic situation. We took it as a reminder of Almighty God to build a proper guard house before the rain starts. Now two guard houses were made by Pan Bricks and completed by our piece workers. Because of financial scarcity we made only grass roofing. Now three residential gaurds are there in the land.

On 1st of November 2022 one of the guards patrolling in the weekdays day time reported that three big trees were cut in the river side. It was happened in the afternoon. There is a plan of building another guard house upon the river side which is one and of half K.M from the residential area to be safe guarded the other side which has easy access for the strangers to enter into our farm. We rushed to the spot and found the persons who had done it, but could not challenge them. By this disaster God called us to build the third guard house and also reminded us to make the main entrance to be identified by the sign board of our Congregation’s ownership. We completed building the main entrance wall and the pillars.

Donors found and utilized

  • Two boreholes were dug with hand pump by the donation of I.H.S. Company Zambia.
  • Solar Pump and Panel is donated by Davis Ltd Zambia to be installed we are waiting for finance for security measures.
  • Three goats from the Farm owners for the live – stock
  • Certain building materials
  • Financial assistance from the local donors for different needs
  • Fruit trees and palm trees seedlings – Sandy creation Zambia
  • Maize & soya Seeds and pesticides Synergy seed Ltd Zambia & Mr. Arul – Kabwe & Indian fly
  • Name Banners – Syax Ltd – Zambia.
  • Food materials from Mount Meru Fuel company from Zambia
  • From Mukonchi Primary School Books for the library and lessons

Witnessing value of CIC‘s presence.

As the Name of this Farm bears “IWS – CIC Roots” it leads us to our co- founder’s life by living in the minimum. More than 20 village people were impressed by CIC’s service here. The dropouts, the differently challenged and even the adults are simply expecting our invitation to utilize our spiritual, educational, medical, social services. Every day before the work and school starts and also at the end, all are gathering together for prayers, singing and for laughing yoga .Feast days the explanation of the importance of the day is explained. We celebrated the National Prayer Day of Zambia on 18th October 2022 by preparing the Prayer centre by the Words of God. Our neighbouring Farm owners’ families were invited together with our workers and children. We had nearly 2 hours prayer service. All participated with singing and praying with devotion.
At the end the neighbors shared their gratitude and appreciated our missionary presence very much. Again on 24th October 2022 we celebrated the Independence Day of Zambia, nearby children and parents of the Children participated. Our children performed certain activities first time, all felt very happy .At the end all had lunch in the two celebrations. We are celebrating Christmas and Easter solemnity.
On 21st August 2022 our Bishop Rt. Rev Clement Mulenga SDB visited our Immaculate wellness Sanctuary and blessed the developed areas. Together with him, Parish Priest Fr. Alex Chanda and Assistant Fr. Kelvin accompanied. Bishop felt happy about our presence. He expressed his joy and told that CIC is the first missionary Sisters in Mukonchi.