“Nourish him with the bread of understanding, and give him the water of learning to drink” (Sir 15: 3)

The education ministry of CIC started from the first teacher and formator Fr. Augustine Pereira. His great effort of equipping the illiterate first four women to be teachers were great. Through learning to read and write the catechism lessons, they started to teach the people of Panjampatti in the Amalorpaviyin Veedu.

“All I have seen teaches me to trust the creator for all I have not seen”.

One of the major objectives of the CIC is to provide Catechetical instruction to girls and boys in schools and young women in parishes and to help them into mature men and women of deep Christian faith. To take full part in the life and ministry of the Church by devoting themselves heart and soul they are imparted education which helps to foster piety and commitment. The C.I.C’s Apostolate of Education reads as follows:

The aim of all our educational efforts is to help Christian and young women attending our schools to acquire up-to-date knowledge and good habits so as to grow into mature persons, conscious of their responsibility as members and future leaders of our society.

The administration of the educational institution of the CIC is fixed up according to the realization of their aims and objectives. A new guide book “Educational Policies” has been prepared. New buildings have been constructed for Justin Training College in Madurai and for some schools in Madurai and other places.


Discussions and dialogues are arranged for leaders of educational institutions from primary to collegiate level under the presidentship of the superior General every year to promote relationship among heads and other members of the staff.

Orientation Programmers are conducted to help promote value among students.

‘The aim of Education is total liberation of man’, was the topic of a seminar in Nov.1990.

Awareness and knowledge on the basis of Government Orders were also given.

‘Value- based Education’ was the theme of a few seminars in Oct.’1992.

Guidance and counseling for Heads in High schools,Hr.Sec.Schools and Colleges were given by concerned department personnel.

Women Movement : a movement focusing on the issues of women was started in 1993. It has become very successful.

Renewal retreats at the regional level were arranged for Sisters working in High and Hr.Sec. Schools.

Programmes for family Welfare : CIC Sisters in the Welfare of families, and programmes on Awareness of Environmental upkeep in terms of cleanliness.


  • To give priority to the poor students and helping them to grow.
  • To import value-based education.
  • To develop integrated personality.
  • To impart economic, political, social awareness.
  • To promote multifarious skills and talents.

In the year 1899 the night school was stared. Fr. Larmey taught the four women the methodology of teaching, after which they leant reading and writing from Fr. Augustine Pereira. He appointed them in the   school     at    Panjampatti.   By observation               and   correction       he encouraged  them  to  improve  in  their teaching. So, more women and men came to them to learn.

To receive proper teaching experience they were sent to Trichy, to the Seven Doulors Sisters teacher training Institute. To find finance to build schools in different places in the Parish, Fr. Larmey wrote to his friends in Europe. Through the schools he could deepen the faith of the people.

In 1911 CIC started the first school with 1st to 3  standards.

In 1920 CIC was raised to the first middle school.

In 1909, Annammal, Veronickam and Susaiammal were sent by Fr. Augustine Pereira to the newly established school at Silukuvarpatti. Through that more schools were started in the remote areas. Sisters went by bullock-cart to teach. First time Rs.2,079 Government grant was received through the effort of Fr. Augustine. In all the schools Fr. Augustine tried his best to teach catechism and moral education.

  • 1911 – 1936           6   primary schools , 4 middle schools
  • 1936 – 1961   9 Primary schools, 14 middle schools , 2 High schools,Secondary Schools 5,   Metric schools 1,English medium Secondary Schools 1
  • 1911- 1996 Nursery schools      18.

In the year 2018

Institutions                               Congregation                       Diocese

Teacher’s Trg, College                           1                                             1

Teacher’s Trg, Institute                         1                                             –

Arts & science College                         3                                             –

Madonna Arts and Science College for women

St. Peter’s Seminary building was altered and modified with all the requirements for a college building. The College building and campus were blessed by Most. Rev. Dr. Antony Pappusamy the Archbishop of Madurai Archdiocese. Priests and Sisters in huge numbers participated in the historical event. The recognition and approval order was received from the Government and Madurai Kamarajar University and the college started functioning from 02/08/2016 onwards with 6 students.

Now we have 93 students in the 1st and 2nd year. This college adds a feather to the cap of CIC. We thank the Lord with over-whelming joy, pride and gratitude because we never thought of nor dreamt of having a college in Madurai. This is a pure blessing of the Lord in disguise.