Medical Service

“A selfish heart loves for what it can get; a Christian heart loves for what it can give”.


“To render medical services” is one of the objectives of the CIC. Their medical mission includes hospitals, dispensaries, siddha (Native Medicine) centre and a Leprosy Control Centre. With the aim of healing the body and mind Sisters render their services in the medical centers. They have a school for the hearing- impaired and a school for the physically handicapped. Free medical treatment is given to the poor. Qualitative training is given to Sisters in medical services.




  • To provide primary health education in the villages
  • To give treatment through Sidha and Allopathic
  • To follow holistic approach through counseling
  • To arrange special camps/treatments and rehabilitation for Leprosy, Cataract and Tuberculosis persons.
  • To give AIDS awareness, Voluntary counseling, testing and treatment.
  • To organize general medical and health counseling, testing and treatment.


Visiting houses by the members of the commission, rendering social services and conducting awareness programmes.The number of Leprosy patients has come down beyond belief.The Government and the society have recognized and honoured the services of the Sisters by honouring them awards.Indian and Tamil Medicines are promoted by the CIC.