Social Service

“Work for the Lord , the pay may not be much, but, the retirement plan is out of this world”.

“To engage ourselves in social action” is one of the objectives of the CIC. The commission for social services guides the Sisters of the C.I.C. to help eradicate illiteracy and provide the poor with self-respect. The purpose of all their social services is the wholistic development of the individual person.

The Sisters of the CIC know for certain that poverty cannot be abolished by personal conversion alone. Radical changes should occur at the social and economic levels.’For the blossoming of the life of the poor’ is the motto of the CIC. The administration has taken sufficient care and keen interest in making the Sisters fit for this noble responsibility.


  • Imparting awareness education.
  • Mobilizing the women and promoting women development programmers.
  • Collaborating with other like-minded, religious groups.
  • Rehabilitation of the children.