The first Provincial Chapters were convened in April 1997.

The laws and regulations of the Constitutions and Directory which were sent to the Holy See in Rome was approved and sent to the Generalate on 08/10/2000. For the convents in Bihar and Jharkhand State a Mission House was started in Patna on 19/08/1998.

From the year 1999 – 2000 the annual retreat was given to the Sisters, according to the year of their first vows in 20 centers by 20 Sisters in the Southern part of India and for the Sisters in the Northern part of India in one center by one Sister and also for the Sisters in foreign countries in one centre by one Sister.

Madurai-Augus Province

Motto :To reshape distorted humanity

Contact :

CIC Provincialate
Virahanur Post
Madurai 625 009
Tamil Nadu, India                                                                                                 

Provincial Superior

                                                       Sr.Gnana Soundari A


Sr. Brijit Margaret Lilly M                                                                                             ( Asst.Provincial)

Sr.Sahaya Mary

Sr.Leema Josephine C

Sr.Daisy Rani M

Procurator                                                   Sr.Grace Baby A

Secretary                                                      Sr.Punitha S


Sivagangai-Larmey Province

Motto : Relationship with those whose rights were rejected

 Contact :

CIC Provincialate
Vallani, Vandavasi Road
Sivagangai – 630 561
Sivagangai (District), E-mail:

Provincial superior

                                                  Sr.Alphonse Fatima S


                                                                   Sr. Regina Mary Sathanandam

( Asst.Provincial)

Sr.Joseph Kamala Rani S

Sr.Mary Angel M

Sr.Josephine S

Procurator                                                                  Sr.Antony Pushpam G

Secretary                                                                   Sr.Jaculine Mary A

Palayamkottai-Eugene Province

Motto :To set free the oppressed

Contact :

CIC Provincialate
Vallani, Vandavasi Road
Sivagangai – 630 561
Sivagangai (District)

E-mail: devamathaph

Provincial Superior                    Sr.Margaret Mary.Y


Sr. Victoria Amali.L

( Asst.Provincial)


Sr.Arul Mary Soosai

Sr.Michael George Mary

Procurator                                                    Sr.Diana .J

Secretary                                                        Sr.Arockia Daisy.S