Evangelical Service

“True wisdom starts with a heart, full of health, and not with a head, full of facts”.

The special aim of the C.I.C. is to take full part in the life and ministry of the Church by devoting themselves heart and soul to provide catechetical instruction to girls and boys in schools and young women in parishes and to help them grow into mature men and women of deep Christian faith, to visit non-Christians with a view to proclaim the goodnews ,to help the parish priests in preparing the faithful to receive the sacraments, to direct associations and movements.

The mission of CIC is Evangelization. According to the circumstances of time and place the Sisters proclaim the Good News to those who do not yet know Christ.

The C.I.C. Sisters had their retreat under the spiritual guidance of specialists (priests) with the themes- “Gospel Services”, “Gospel life” and Pastoral Service”.


  • To guide pious movements and associations.
  • To foster religious knowledge by teaching Catechism.
  • To dialogue with the people of the other faiths.
  • To prepare the people for Sacraments.
  • To organize and enhance Basic Christian Communities.
  • To train laity for Evangelization ministry.
  • To promote family prayer, unity , etc by house visit.evangelical-1

Amala Annai Amaithiyagam –  Kayavayal,India

As it was decided in the Renewal Chapter to strengthen the Charism of our Congregation, to give training for the Evangelization ministry, the land was bought near Devekottai, Kayavayal and the Evangelization Centre-Amathiyagam was blessed and opened by the Bishop of Sivagangai, Rt.Rev. Edward Francis on 23/07/1994. The Sisters who did full-time ministry in evangelization made much effort to develop this place for increasing the programme of training for the lay faithful and also the building structure with the support of the Congregation.

Power-House of God (Amalavai Irai Sakthiyagam) Panjampatti, India


Evangelization Centre – Melaseval, India