Mission in Germany



AmalaHause (of the Congregation of the Immaculate Conception, (C.I.C.) is situated in the District of Heidelberg in Nussloch, in Germany.

Initial vision and Mission of the Congregation

It was in 2011, in view of the Centenary Celebration of the Congregation of the Immaculate Conception in 2011 (1911 to 2011), the Most Rev. Superior General Agnes Xavier with the c o n s e n t o f h e r c o u n c i l members decided to open a new mission community in Germany. So, they approached Fr. Arul who works in Germany to explore the possibilities to begin a new community. To which Fr. Arul responded positively and initiated the process to invite the Sisters to Germany. In compliance with this request the Superior General chose three sisters, namely Sr.Shanthi Vimala Kumari, Sr. Ruby Josephine Mary and Sr. Arockia Mary (Saundary). The first two names were chosen to work and render service in the field of Education and the other to render service in the field of Medicine. In 2011 all the three sisters were sent to Goethe Institute in Chennai for Learning the German Language.

First exit from India and First presence in Germany

Trusting in the Providence of God and our Lord Jesus Christ the three sisters were set to start their Journey to Germany on 20th July 2011. To bid Farewell to the Sisters, the Congregation along with their Superior General, the council members, with many other sisters and the relatives of the three sisters organized a Solomon Mass which, was officiated by Rev. Fr. Anand, Fr.Arul (Sr.Lilly´s Brother), Fr.Jebamalairaja(SJ).

Mission Orientation

For Education

On 10th September 2012, in order to begin the education ministry Sr.Shanthi and Sr.Ruby got the admission to Germany for Three years Pre-school Teacher Training course in Sancta Maria in Bruchsal. Due to illness, Sr.Ruby was unable to continue her training in Germany and she returned to India. Sr.Santhi successfully completed her training course on 10th July 2015 and got an appointment in the St. Joseph Kindergarten in Nußloch on 21stSeptemeber 2015.

For Medical

Sr. Saundary was not required to do nursing course again in Germany but she was expected to show competence in German language (level – B1 Certificate) which she completed successfully. From 1st July 2013 to 1st April 2014, she was sent for work experience in a Hospital in Karlsruhe. After this additional training, she was appointed as a Nurse in the Old Age Home in Nußloch from 2ndMay 2014 onwards. She learned driving and obtained a Driving License in Germany. She also finished the course in Palliative.

New Arrivals

God was rewarding the tireless effort of the three Sisters. Fr.Arul. Who was the instrument in bringing the sisters were impressed by the commitment and dedicated service of the sisters.He also experienced their cooperation and availability in the Parish ministry. So, he felt the need of more sisters and requested the present Superior General Most Rev. Sr. Antonty Xavier, to send two more sisters. His request was accepted by the Superior General and her Council. Thus Sr. Jansi and Sr. Regi were chosen and sent to Germany. Both of them arrived Germany in September 2015. Sr. Jansi pursuing her studies in the Field of Education and German Language and Sr. Regi learning in the field of Medicine and German Language. Both are giving their best to complete the training and soon will be a fully fledged worker in their field.

Beginning a new Society

At the request of the Superior General and the wish of the Local communities (Nußloch and Mallersdorf) to Register a Society in Germany for the better financial management. The two communities along with Fr. Arul, the society is taking a shape and soon this will be accomplished.

Pastoral Ministry in the Parish

Since we are given all the opportunities to learn the culture, language and orientation to work in Germany and we have given ourselves to it and also experienced the acceptance of the local People, we are encouraged to do extra pastoral works apart from other ministries.

They are as follows

-Visiting the families -Conducting Sunday Catechism -Distributing Holy Communions to the Sick, in the Parish and Old age Home -Participating in the Choir -Attending Parish Council Meetings -Parish work (Opening, Closing the parish church doors, washing the cloths)

-Animating the Altar boys

-Preparing for Holy Communion along with the catechists.


By the grace of God and the blessings of our Mother General Rev.Sr.Antony Xavier and the Sisters the three buds of CIC Sr.Arockia Mary, Sr.Nancy, Sr.Renista Mary flew to Germany on 2nd of April 2017 and landed Germany on 3rd of April 2017.

Location and Origin

The CIC Sisters’ House is situated at Mallersdorf in Regensburg Diocese. The Sisters have started a new community at Mallersdorf in Regensburg Diocese through Fr.Michael Raj M.S.F.S. This is the second community in Germany. The Sisters were invited by the Kreisklinik Hospital in Mallersdorf through Fr.Michael Raj with the permission of the Regensburg Bishop. This Hospital is run by the Government. The three Sisters have begun their work in the Hospital in the month of May along with their language course. Since they live in a rented House, they had no Chapel in the house at the beginning. With the help and efforts of Fr.Michael Raj, now they have a beautiful Chapel in their house.

House Blessing

The Sisters had their house blessing and blessing of the new Chapel on 9th of September 2017 by Most.Rev.Bishop Rudalf Voderholzer (Regensburg). It was a memorable day at Mallersdorf. It was a great occasion for us to have the presence of so many important people: District collector, Mayor, Hospital Administrator especially Sr.Joans CIC from Italy and our Sisters from Nussloch community. The Sisters experience God´s love and His providence every day and they are strengthened and encouraged by His blessings through the people surrounding them.

People are so generous in helping the Sisters in any situation. They are in the process of registration of CIC in Germany as a Society. They are always grateful to God and to the Congregation .They are so thankful for the Mother General and all the Sisters for their sincere Prayers and blessings for their new Mission in Germany at Mallersdof.